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Electrolysis Worldwide Permanent Hair Removal

While IPL or Laser hair removal solutions are more popular in Singapore, it's important to note that IPL/Laser hair removal only reduces hair and may not be effective for every hair type, such as red hair, or for every skin tone. You may end up wasting thousands of dollars on purchasing worthless IPL/Laser packages from different providers. In some cases, IPL and laser hair removal can actually stimulate coarser, thicker and new hair growth, a phenomenon known as paradoxical hypertrichosis.

In contrast, Electrolysis hair removal is the method recognized as PERMANENT by the US FDA. It works on every skin tone and hair color.

Electrolysis is a procedure for permanent hair removal whereby an extremely fine needle or wire is inserted into the hair follicle. An electric current travels down the probe to the follicle’s base, destroying it permanently and removing any existing hair. The procedure can be done on any part of the body where unwanted hair is present, such as the face and underarms.

Electrolysis has been around and evolving technologically since the 19th century and is still very popular in North America (especially in California), Europe, and Israel. Worldwide, electrolysis hair removal is known by diverse names: such as high frequency hair removal, needle hair removal, L'épilation par haute fréquence, aussi appelée épilation par électrolyse ou épilation à l'aiguille, Электроэпиляция, Электролиз, İğneli Epilasyon,  ニードル脱毛, and ElectroEpilation.

At HairFreeSG, we use cutting-edge tools manufactured in Canada.

Come for a consultation and try our HairFreeSG electrolysis in Downtown Singapore.



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