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First Visit: Consultation & 20 Minute Trial

This is your first step towards permanent hair removal!

During your 1 hour consultation, we will answer your questions and you'll experience a 20 minute electrolysis trial.

We will discuss your treatment plan & determine your session schedule, estimated hours required, pricing plan & outcomes and results expected. 

A consultation is also necessary for customers who have previously done electrolysis elsewhere. We would like time to talk and review your needs & history before jumping in.

First Visit Consultation
& 20 Minute Trial (1 hour total)

Service Menu by Time

We charge by time, not session or by body area. Electrolysis is a follicle by follicle process, and each person's body and target area(s) is unique.  More hair in a target area means more time is needed. You can use the time to treat one or multiple areas as needed during each appointment. 

Please speak to us to determine the best appointment length for your target treatment area(s).

With electrolysis, a significant reduction in hair volume, density and follicle size is seen after about 4 months. The total treatment duration is typically 1.5 to 2 years to completely eliminate all hairs in a given treatment target area.

By following your treatment plan, permanent hair removal is achieved for life.

Package purchases (10-hours or 20-hours) at promotional pricing expire 2 years from purchase date.

Staff Electrologist
HairFreeSG Director
15  mins
flat rate of $55
30  mins
flat rate of $88
45  mins
1    hour
1.25  hours
1.5   hours
1.75  hours
  2    hours
2.5  hours
  3    hours
10 hours
** Promo Flex Package**

save 8% $125 /hr

save 8% $152/hr
20 hours
** Promo Flex Package**

save 12% $119/hr

save 12% $144/hr

Service Menu by Area

To better help estimate your treatment costs, these are estimates for the total treatment time needed to complete an area with electrolysis.  Electrolysis takes about 18 months from start to finish and this time is spread out over the given length of your treatment plan.

Subject to confirmation during a personal consultation.

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