Treatment Details

How Electrolysis Pricing & Treatment Plans Work

HairFree SG was started because we know firsthand that it it is confusing to find a real permanent hair removal solution! From our own IPL experience, there weren't any follow-ups on treatment progress or how much money was spent on packages, with no results to show for it.

With electrolysis, significant hair reduction is seen after 3 months and treatment duration is typically 1 to 1.5 years for eyebrows & upper lip, to a little longer for areas with a slower hair growth cycle (chin, legs, bikini areas).

With consistent, regular sessions and following your treatment plan timing, permanent hair removal is achieved for life.


Service Menu by Area

Subject to confirmation during a personal consultation.

Price for treatment area not per session. 

Treatment area prices below cover all sessions for your chosen treatment area (up to the maximum number of hours).

Talk to us to discuss the appointment intervals for each body area and payment terms.

Treatment Area
Treatment Length (start to finish)
A La Carte ($138/hour)
Package Rate ($120/hour)
15 hours
Upper Lip
12 hours
Eyebrows & Upper Lip Combo
27 hours
$3,000 ** Special Combo Price **
30 hours
Bikini Line
40 hours
Lower Leg
65 hours

Service Menu by Time

Price for each appointment.

This is pay-as-you-go "flexible time" to treat one or multiple areas as needed each appointment.


This is good for customers who have already started electrolysis elsewhere or who would like to cover target areas not outlined above.

15 mins
30 mins
45 mins
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
** Promo Flex Package**
10 hours
Ideal for working on different areas in one session or for hair removal on a target area not listed above.
(forehead, sideburns, nape)
varies by person
chin or neck
varies by person
Post laser clean up
Customized for target areas that have thinned or become patchy after laser or IPL.
upper legs/thighs

varies by person

full leg combo

upon request

other area

upon request