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Electrolysis for Tattoo Hair Removal

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Electrolysis for Tattooed Skin Hair Removal

Sick and tired of shaving your hairs and looking for a permanent solution for your tattooed skin?  Visible thicker and denser hairs can even distort the appearance of a tattoo. Light treatments like laser and IPL should NEVER be done on tattooed skin.

It is unsafe to perform IPL treatment over a tattoo as it can distort your tattoo. Or worse, it can potentially lead to burns, blisters, or skin damage.

Electrolysis is 100% safe on tattooed skin and does not change your ink or skin. As long as we can see the hair above the skin, we can treat it. Regardless of the hair or skin colour.

Electrolysis is totally safe on inked skin!

Unlike laser tattoo removal, electrolysis does not affect the layer of skin in which the ink of a tattoo is contained. It works at a deeper layer, where it cauterises the nutrition supply to the root of the hair. This is a much more precise and safe approach than exposing skin to laser light.

You can read more about how IPL should not be done on tattooed skin here:


We will help you get rid of those pesky hairs!

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