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We all age & go through changes.

We can help.

Pregnancy and Electrolysis
Oh Boy Do Hormones Effect Hair Growth!

During different chapters of our lives, we experience hormonal changes that effect our body hair growth. 


Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are three major milestones.


Other changes in hair growth can be due to:

  • changes in medications

  • undergoing fertility treatments

  • general aging

  • being diagnosed with a variety of hormone imbalances (see PCOS)

Here at HairFree SG, we want you to feel your best, no matter what might be changing in your life.

Skin & Hair Changes During Pregnancy (Thomson Skin Centre)

* An important precaution is that pregnant women should get a doctor's permission note to have electrolysis (thermolysis) during their pregnancy. Or treatment can be done afterwards.


A thin, disposable needle is inserted into the hair follicle.


Each follicle is treated with heat directly at the root.

This destroys the root and stops regrowth.

The hair is released without resistance.

PCOS & Hair Growth

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a condition that effects women when there is a higher amount of androgen hormones (such as testosterone) in the body.

One effect of PCOS is an increase in hair growth on the body - which is caused hirsutism.

This can be any of the following:

  • hair growing in a "male pattern" on the body - check, lower back, neck, chin

  • more hair on the arms, thighs

Here at HairFree SG, we understand how hair growth shouldn't leave you feeling hopeless. Instead, we empower women to be confident, get rid of their unwanted hair and live without PCOS defining you.

PCOS customers do need to seek medical treatment in conjunction with hair removal treatment. This is to make sure hormone levels are monitored and the cause of the hair growth (PCOS or other hormonal concern) is under management, before seeking hair removal for the symptom (hair growth).

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