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Skin Tag Removal



Folds of skin:

neck, underarms,

bra line, underarms


What Causes Skin Tags?

From $50

and just 15 mins to remove your skin tags.

Skin Tag Removal with Electrolysis

1. What causes skin tags?

Some people may develop skin tags for no particular reason, possibly due to genetics. Being overweight or obese can also cause the occurrence of skin tags, but losing weight will not make the existing skin tags go away. Frequent rubbing of the skin is also a cause.

2. Why consider skin tag removal?

Skin tags can cause discomfort if they are on areas of the body that are exposed to friction. If wearing jewellery on areas such as the neck, skin tags can get caught in a necklace, for example, and cause pain. They can also cause embarassment if on a visible part of the body, affecting one’s self-confidence.

3. Why Electrolysis

The results are instant, with the skin tags being removed whole, without needing to wait for the skin tag to drop off (like you would with cryotherapy). Results are permanent.

4. What to expect after?

You can expect some dry red marks and scabbing where the skin tag has been removed.  These will be small in size, and will leave you with no scarring. In the healing process, you may also experience post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is temporary, and will fade with time.

5. Will it hurt?

You will experience slight discomfort as heat is used to cauterize the neck of the skin tag until it is detached from your skin.

6. What will the aftercare be like?

Keep the area clean and free from sweat. Wear loose fitting clothing and try to avoid friction in the treated areas. Moisturising the skin will ensure quicker healing as well.

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