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Electrolysis for Teens

Girls with Hats

Electrolysis for Teens

Everyone is born with millions of hair follicles.  Due to hormonal and environmental factors throughout life, our hairs change. Some follicles produce less hair, while others are stimulated to produce thicker hairs.

During puberty our body and facial hair follicles transform from vellus hairs (light peach fuzz hairs) to thicker pigmented hairs.

Here at HairFree SG, our Mom introduced us to electrolysis as a teenager. Thanks Mom!
She said it was time to clean up those stray eyebrow hairs (bye bye unibrow!) and upper lip fuzz (bye bye she-stache!).
Feeling Great in Your Skin

As teens grow and change into young adults, physical changes such as unsightly and new body hair can negatively impact body image and self-esteem. The teen years is a good time to seek professional help before hair growth becomes unmanageable or uncomfortable.

Electrolysis is completely safe to do while still growing!


For teen girls, it could be the growth of hair on the side of the face, eyebrows, or upper lip.

For teen boys, it may be the emergence of thick, bulky eyebrows.


Some young people feel too embarrassed to speak about their hair concerns, while others go to a parent for advice. If you’re a teen or the parent of a teen, you can rest assured that there is a permanent solution for removing excess hair safely, comfortably and convenience.

Once an area has been treated with electrolysis, the hairs are gone for good. For any client under 18 years old, parental consent during the consultation is required.

That is a great investment in your teens self-esteem and low maintenance beauty routine for life!

Unlike other hair removal methods, professionally performed electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair permanently with unsurpassed results. No other solution can claim such universal acceptability and success.

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