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Using state of the art hair removal techniques.

Hygiene for client health & safety

HairFree SG staff have been trained in infection control standards in order to provide the safest environment for our clients and staff.


Regardless of whether we are dealing with a public health issue or not, our clients' health, hygiene and safety is our top priority.

Daily steps we take to maintain a sanitary & clean environment:

  • Proper hand hygiene is always maintained and staff must wash their hands before and sanitize their hands after all treatments.

  • Staff always wear gloves and long sleeves while performing hair removal treatments, no skin to skin contact is made.

  • Treatment room tables & chairs are disinfected after every client.

  • All treatment areas and skin is cleaned and disinfected prior to treatment. If working on a client's face, makeup is removed.

  • Disposable probes are ALWAYS used.

  • Linens are changed between clients.

  • Any reusable tools are completely sterilized between treatments.

  • The studio is thoroughly cleaned regularly to provide a comfortable work environment for all.



*Note this picture is just for illustrative purposes.


Our staff wear masks and our client would be properly draped and staff wear long sleeves to avoid any skin-to-skin contact with clients.

Starting our clinic, we knew to provide the highest results and most comfortable treatment, we would need the best equipment.
If you're going to invest in hair removal, you'll also want to spend your money smartly and see results.

Our machines come from Canada and are designed and manufactured by Dectro International, a leading company in hair removal & medical equipment.

This allows us to treat you quicker, more comfortably and safely using a brand you can trust.

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