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Electrolysis for Women

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Electrolysis for Women

Unwanted body and facial hair is a daily struggle for all women. Being an all-female team, we at HairfreeSG fully understand how frustrating it can be to get rid of these hairs on your own.   


With our electrolysis hair removal treatments, leave the work to us on your journey to smooth hair free skin, so you can get rid of those tweezers and razors for good! 

Some common target areas for hair removal on women are the face, underarms, legs and bikini line.  

Hair growth differs from person to person as genetics can affect the density and texture of hair.  Hormonal imbalance can also cause hairs to grow in unwanted places, which is especially true for women. 


As a woman, we are first exposed to temporary methods of hair removal like shaving, tweezing or waxing at a young age.

These methods are time consuming, and with repeated use in the long run can greatly affect the skin.  Pitting, scarring, ingrown hairs, acne and hyperpigmentation are all common side effects of regular tweezing and waxing. Tweezing can, in some cases, stimulate the growth of more hairs. While shaving is not as abrasive to the skin, it can still cause razor burn, cuts, ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone and texture.

Below we outline some of our satisfied female customers!

Some of these before/after photos are done immediately after treatment. Some swelling, redness and inflammation can be expected.

Please contact us at to discuss your permanent hair removal needs.

Some common treatment areas for women include

Unwanted hair & PCOS

Hair growth on the face, chest, nipples and belly, can be caused by endocrinological disorders like PCOS.


Read more about Electrolysis for PCOS. This can cause embarrassment and frustration.  All of these areas (and more!) can be safely and effectively treated with electrolysis, allowing you to save time on self-grooming and feel more confident in your skin.



No more threading, waxing, plucking! Permanent eyebrow electrolysis treatment takes away the strays and makes your eyebrows low maintenance. It's a great investment in yourself and the first treatment for many teens & women starting electrolysis.

Hairline (forehead, nape, sideburns)

These areas are great for the delicate touch of an Electrologist!

Electrolysis can be used anywhere on the body and is suitable and healthy for all skin tones, ages and genders. Should there be a custom area you would like to treat, please reach out to arrange a consultation to discuss a personalized treatment plan.


Upper Lip

We know it's never fun to find those stubborn hairs where they're not wanted. No more bleaching, threading, plucking! IPL and laser treatment should NEVER be used on the face. Perfect for women of any age age. Often is paired with eyebrow treatment and leads to a no maintenance facial hair life!


Age happens. Hormones happen. Chin hair unfortunately happens. Don't pluck, shave, wax. IPL and laser treatment should NEVER be used on the face. Perfect for women of any age and hair is gone for good. Depending on individual needs, treating the chin can vary from a few hairs to larger clearings.


Under Arms

From the pool to a dinner party, in Singapore our underarms are on display a lot! Underarm treatment permanently removes the hair. No regrowth, ingrown hairs, shadow or stubble. Smooth & soft skin for life! Also reduces sweat, odour and discolouration of the skin. No more rough shaving or waxing.

Bikini Line

Stop waxing, shaving, manually epilating or sugaring - they all lead to regrowth and itchy in grown hairs! No more stubble, regrowth or bikini line shadow. The skin becomes smooth, healthy and follicles disappear. Each treatment is customized the the client's individual desired results.

Have a question about electrolysis for women?

Please submit any questions to and we will get back to you.

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