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The Only Permanent Hair Removal Solution

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal technique and method.

Other treatments, such as IPL and laser may reduce and slow down hair growth, however, the hair follicle often continues to repair and grow hair once again.  Other methods of hair removal, such as waxing, plucking and threading pull hair from the follicle, but it will always regrow and often within weeks. Topical hair removal methods, such as shaving, which is just cut the hair above the skin, means the hair will grow back very quickly.


Furthermore, several techniques cannot be used for everyone.  IPL and laser hair removal are not effective on people with darker skin tones. 


IPL and laser are also not recommended for facial hair as it can cause further growth and could lead to scarring.

Electrolysis is here to provide a long term, permanent solution to unwanted hair. It is ideal for unwanted facial hair (upper lip, side burns, eyebrows, chin) as well as body hair (underarms, bikini line, neck & more).  Please contact us for a consultation and to discuss your treatment plan.

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Q1: What exactly is electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses electricity and heat to target each hair follicle to destroy it completely.

Electrolysis works for various skin types and hair types. Different needles are used for different thicknesses of hair and the current being used is adjusted for each customer.

Electrolysis is the only truly permanent hair removal method.  Laser treatment (not IPL) is considered a hair reduction technique (50-75%) and is only completed by doctors in Singapore. Sometimes laser can be used in conjunction with electrolysis for larger areas of the body.

Due to it's shallow penetration into the skin, IPL is often not an effective hair removal technique at all.  IPL can stimulate more hair grow and should only be used for topical skin firming & rejuvenation techniques (not hair removal).


A thin, disposable probe is inserted into the hair follicle.


Each follicle is treated with heat directly at the root. This destroys the root and stops regrowth.

The hair is released without resistance.

Q1: What is electrolysis?
Q2: Is electrolysis safe?

Yes electrolysis is safe and done at the topical level of the skin. During your initial consultation, a thorough intake will be done to address any medical conditions or skin concerns you may have.


We will also do a demo electrolysis treatment during the consultation for each client to understand how it works and feels. This is also to see how the skin reacts and for the client to learn the simple aftercare recommendations.


The right energy level setting is monitored throughout a treatment session in order to maximize efficiency and provide the most comfortable treatment to clients. By using the the right energy levels for the size of the hairs, we reduce redness and irritation to the skin. Scarring should not occur. Scabbing may occur in dehydrated skin that required higher energy for the treatment. This is temporary if it occurs.

Our therapists adhere to high safety and hygiene standards. We use only disposable, single use, sterile, insulated probes.

Used needles are always placed into a designated Sharps container and then disposed  of following NEA's Hazardous Materials protocols.

Our treatment rooms are sterilized after every appointment and your health and safety is our top concern.

Q2: Is eletrolysis safe?
Q3: Is electrolysis painful?

During electrolysis treatments, you will feel heat during the "zap" of each follicle. It is important that the therapist uses a strong enough current to get results. This will be adjusted to the coarseness of your hair and the area being treated.


Some areas (such as the centre of the upper lip) are more painful as there are many nerves under the skin. Some patients use topical numbing creams to freeze their skin or take a Tylenol/Ibprofin prior to treatment.

A demo treatment is preformed during every consultation.

Q3: Is electrolysis painful?
Q4: Is numbing available?

Yes, we offer numbing cream application. We currently offer TKTX and Numbskin numbing creams. Price will be shared at your consultation.

It is recommended to apply numbing cream one hour prior to your appointment time. You may choose to book a numbing cream application slot with us one hour before your appointment or self-apply before coming. 

Do note that for your first-time 20 minutes trial, numbing cream application and time is not included.

Check out our in-house tutorial on how to apply numbing cream!
Q4: Is numbing available?
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Q5: Is a consultation necessary?

Yes! For all new customers, a consultation has to be made first. It is a standard and obligation as part of our Professional American Electrologists Association membership.


If you've done Electrolysis before, it varies between modalities and techniques and we need to review the treatment plan and process with you. It is to gather any medical history relevant to treatment and to observe the skin, hairs and gather your past Electrolysis treatment information.

We know that you may want to start your appointment right away when you visit to optimise your time. This can be done directly following the consultation time and 20 mins demo. We can also add on additional time for a first appointment if there is availability. 

Q5: Is a consultation necessary?
Q6: What skin reactions should I expect?

As Electrolysis is a heat treatment, you may experience some puffiness with smaller hairs and some redness and swelling with larger coarser hairs. During the healing process, you may experience some small scabs and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

All of the above are temporary and will resolve with proper aftercare. Our friendly electrologists will provide you with aftercare instructions at your consultation.

Q6: What skin reations shoud I expect?
Q7: Can electrolysis be done while pregnant?

Yes. We understand you want to continue your treatment while pregnant or new hairs may appear due to hormones change. 

We do thermolysis, which is a very localised treatment in the tissue and skin at the follicle. Where as other electrolysis clinics may do the blend or galvanic modality of electrolysis, which sends a current through the body. To be safe, you may choose to get a Doctor's note or at least wait until the first trimester is over.

Q7: Can electrolysis be done while pregnant?
Q8: Can electrolysis be done on grey hairs?

Yes. Unlike, laser or IPL which only treats dark hairs, we are still able to treat and target any specific hair individually regardless of colour. 

However, Electrolysis does not stop the aging of grey hairs. If you are targeting only white hairs within the beard or other body area, you will experience new white hairs with aging and genetics as other hairs in the same area turn grey (even after the follicles we treated are gone). 

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Q8: Can electrolysis be done on grey hairs?
Q9:  Pricing and duration of electrolysis?

Electrolysis sessions are charged based on time. During your consultation, our electrologists will be able to give you a basic estimate of the length of each appointment. You may also refer to our price list.

Total treatment hours and pricing can vary greatly from person to person depending on treatment area, hair density and goals.

Q9: Pricing and duration of electrolysis?
More FAQs to come.

Have a question? You're probably not alone.


Please submit any questions to and we will get back to you.

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