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Electrolysis for Men

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Electrolysis for Men

HairfreeSG is not only about liberating women from their unwanted hairs permanently.  We aim to be holistic and also cater to various aesthetic hair removal requests from men too!

With our electrolysis hair removal treatments, we provide smooth hair free skin and get rid of ingrown hairs for good.

We know shaving daily can cause unwanted skin conditions like ingrown hairs, folliculitis, razor burn and itchiness.

Other temporary methods such as waxing and plucking take time and continuously hurt.

Another common target area is the hairline nape or back of the neck, as those hairs always grow in before it's time to visit the barber.

Men want to optimize their time and make their grooming easier and quicker. We see our male clients looking for permanent solutions to underarm hair, eyebrow shaping, facial hair shaping, and the neck and hairline areas.

Below we outline some of our satisfied male customers!

These before/after photos are done immediately after treatment. Some swelling, redness and inflammation can be expected.

Please contact us at to discuss your permanent hair removal needs.

Our Soldiers

Men go bald for multiple reasons, but in Singapore our men might need to go bald yearly as reservists! Electrolysis has been used for hairline aesthetics for decades in North America and Europe and we're bringing the trend back!

Get your desired hairline with HairFree SG and it'll be like it's never even been there in the first place!


Look sleek. Bye uneven facial hairs!

Electrolysis works by cauterizing hair follicles. It can be done for just 1 or even thousands of follicles!


That's why it's also the best method for aesthetic hair removal purposes, especially on the face as you will get permanent low maintenance results.


Men don't have to make a trip to your barber anymore to keep that cool sideburn or a nice goatee. Forget about that precise neat shave or uneven and unwanted chin and neck hair.  Look sleek and well kept permanently with HairFree SG.


Never have been a fan of your moustache?

Perhaps a moustache is not your thing. Or something about Hitler's style or Mr. Potato Head gives you the creeps.

Are hairs on your upper lip sparse and stray? Or is keeping up a style not an option?  Shaving daily to keep the stubble away gets repetitive and painful. Or maybe your significant other is even getting chafed by the stubble!

Drop by for a consultation to have your upper lip hairs removed for good and say bye bye to cuts and stubble!


My eyebrows are all over the place!

Well you may pluck at home or you may thread or shape it at a salon.

But plucking and threading forever? Ouch and what high maintenance!

Eyebrow hairs are the fastest growing hairs in our body! Invest some time in electrolysis and say goodbye to your unibrow and bushy brows.  Look refined and groomed with no work required for life!


Body hair clean up - Neck & Nape.

Male body hairs are masculine and desired in certain areas. But we all appreciate a nicely groomed man with a neat and kept appearance!

For one of our customers especially, he has white body hairs that are across the neck and nape of the hairline. They grow quickly after a visit to the barber and they are impossible to dye so they stand out!


He engaged in our services to have the hairs that is above the t-shirt line to be permanently removed so that he could be more presentable. Plus younger!

Learn more about Electrolysis For Grey Hair Removal.


You're just done with shaving.

At HairFree SG we cater and accommodate to each and everyone's request.

It can be everything!

If your style has always been a clean shave and you're just done with shaving and want it clean for the rest of your life, we can do it for you.

We had another customer who had completed a lot of IPL sessions with success on the darker hair on his moustache, beard and sideburns. However, the white hairs were not targeted by the light treatment. Plus some finer, darker hairs were still visible.

So we are working with him to get his face totally hair free, so there is no need to shave daily!

Learn more about Electrolysis For Grey Hair Removal.


(before photo)

White beard hair removal.

This was a special request by a gentleman who wanted to remove his visible white beard hairs, while not doing a full "permanent beard removal". This was to look younger and fresher before a visit home to his home country.

He was not interested in dying the hairs and plucking was not an option. Ouch and very difficult!

It is important to remember that we can't stop the aging process and the other beard hairs will turn white with time. But we can help you feel great and look your best. Electrolysis was a great solution to get him ready for his big trip home to see his family, feeling and looking refreshed!


Hairy and want awesome tattoos?

A testimonial of another male customer we're serving. He is removing everything! From legs to arms to chest! His smooth skin will be a lot more comfortable in hot Singapore, and he's looking to get some tattoo artwork done!

If you're gonna have something permanent like a body tattoo, might as well have it look awesome and hair free!

Learn more about Electrolysis For Tattoo Hair Removal.

Have a question about electrolysis for men?

Please submit any questions to and we will get back to you.

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