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The Only Permanent Hair Removal Solution

3 ways Electrolysis epilation is better than IPL hair removal and laser hair removal.

1) Electrolysis has been around for more than 100 years. It was first invented to remove irritating ingrown eyelash hairs.
Electrolysis is the only US FDA-approved method for Permanent Hair Removal!

2) Electrolysis is suitable for hair removal on all types of skins.

While it can be extremely dangerous to use IPL on the face as it can cause skin burns and permanent scarring/pigmentation.

3) IPL and Laser can actually cause excessive hair growth!

In ~10% of instances, laser hair removal may cause thicker, darker hair to grow or regrow in an adjacent area to the one being treated.

This condition is known as Paradoxical Hypertrichosis. Paradoxical Hypertrichosis can occur anywhere on the face or body.

Tired of buying endless IPL packages that do not work? Inquire about Electrolysis!

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Electrolysis FAQs

Q1: What exactly is electrolysis?

Electrolysis uses electricity and heat to target each hair follicle to destroy it completely.

Electrolysis works for various skin types and hair types. Different needles are used for different thicknesses of hair and the current being used is adjusted for each customer.

Electrolysis is the only truly permanent hair removal method.  Laser treatment (not IPL) is considered a hair reduction technique (50-75%) and is only completed by doctors in Singapore. Sometimes laser can be used in conjunction with electrolysis for larger areas of the body.

Due to it's shallow penetration into the skin, IPL is often not an effective hair removal technique at all.  IPL can stimulate more hair grow and should only be used for topical skin firming & rejuvenation techniques (not hair removal).


A thin, disposable probe is inserted into the hair follicle.


Each follicle is treated with heat directly at the root. This destroys the root and stops regrowth.

The hair is released without resistance.

Q2: Is electrolysis safe?

Yes electrolysis is safe and done at the topical level of the skin. During your initial consultation, a thorough intake will be done to address any medical conditions or skin concerns you may have.


We will also do a demo electrolysis treatment during the consultation for each client to understand how it works and feels. This is also to see how the skin reacts and for the client to learn the simple aftercare recommendations.


The right energy level setting is monitored throughout a treatment session in order to maximize efficiency and provide the most comfortable treatment to clients. By using the the right energy levels for the size of the hairs, we reduce redness and irritation to the skin. Scarring should not occur. Scabbing may occur in dehydrated skin that required higher energy for the treatment. This is temporary if it occurs.

Our therapists adhere to high safety and hygiene standards. We use only disposable, single use, sterile, insulated probes.

Used needles are always placed into a designated Sharps container and then disposed  of following NEA's Hazardous Materials protocols.

Our treatment rooms are sterilized after every appointment and your health and safety is our top concern.

Q3: Is electrolysis painful?

During electrolysis treatments, you will feel heat during the "zap" of each follicle. It is important that the therapist uses a strong enough current to get results. This will be adjusted to the coarseness of your hair and the area being treated.


Some areas (such as the centre of the upper lip) are more painful as there are many nerves under the skin. Some patients use topical numbing creams to freeze their skin or take a Tylenol/Ibprofin prior to treatment.

A demo treatment is preformed during every consultation.

More FAQs to come.

Have a question? You're probably not alone.


Please submit any questions to and we will get back to you.

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