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How to Prepare for your Electrolysis Appointment

Here are some important steps to do at home to prepare for your appointment.

Make your session a success!

1) Drink plenty of water! Hydrating you body and skin is essential for the follicle reaction and destruction. On well hydrated skin, lower intensity settings can be used and the hair will release more easily. Both factors improve the comfort of your treatment. Plus hydration helps healing!

2) Should you be worried about the pain, you can apply numbing lotion at least 1 hour before treatment. Creams like Emla that contain Lidocaine are recommended for topical skin numbing. The upper lip, eyebrow and bikini area are the most sensitive areas. Numbing of larger areas (like the legs, neck, belly) is not recommended.

3) Do keep the skin 'au naturel' on the day of your treatment. Any makeup on the treatment area must be removed prior to your session. We have makeup remover on site and this will be done before your treatment if you are wearing makeup.

4) Stay out of the sun for at least 48 hours before your treatment. Reschedule your session if you have a sun burn in the treatment area.

What not to do:

1) Don't shave or trim the area for at least several days before the treatment. We need to be able to see the hair coming out of the skin by at least 1-2 mm.

2) Don't wax, thread or sugar before your treatment. These temporary hair removal techniques distort your hair follicles, can make hair curly and harder to treat with electrolysis. Once you start electrolysis, the only temporary removal between sessions is trimming or shaving (if really needed).

3) Avoid large amounts of caffeine and alcohol in the 24 hours before your treatment. These substances dehydrate the body and this is counter productive to your treatment success.

4) Try not to take any pain-relievers (Aspirin) before your session. These are blood thinners and can cause bruising and a slower healing process.


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