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Is Electrolysis Permanent?

Smooth legs once and for all.

Yes. Electrolysis is the only FDA recognized "permanent hair removal" treatment.

Laser hair removal (which can only be done by doctors in Singapore) is a hair reduction treatment. Laser does not guarantee the hair will be gone forever, plus it can leave patches of hair or just make it thinner, but not truly gone.

IPL treatments are often not effective hair removal or reduction treatments as the light wavelengths that penetrate the skin are too shallow. IPL should be kept for skin rejuvenation only if necessary. IPL and laser can stimulate new unwanted hair growth, in a portion of customers. Electrolysis does not have this effect.

Other treatments (waxing, threading, sugaring, shaving) are called temporary hair removal methods. They do not effect the hair follicle germ cells and hair will always grow back.

Electrolysis permanently destroys the hair follicle (including the repair and regrowth cells) to stop hair from growing back. The treatment is a progressive permanent hair removal technique. A noticeable reduction of hairs will be seen in 3-4 months after starting continuous treatments. By 12 months dramatic changes are apparent and touch ups last until about 18 months, leaving you with the results that last a lifetime.

Some factors change hair growth during our lives. See our Hormones and Hair Growth Article. Contact us, if you've gone through a change in hair growth due to age or hormones or are ready to have your pesky hair be gone for good.


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