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HairFree SG Electrolysis - it's not laser or IPL hair removal.

Confused about the differences between IPL, AFT, SHR, laser hair removal? Well that's easy. They are all Permanent Hair Reduction methods. These methods attempt to use light energy to destroy the hair follicle, root and stem cells.

At HairFree SG - we permanently remove hair using electrolysis hair removal (which is not laser or IPL).

Tired of pushy technicians whose only concern is to make customers buy more IPL shots and IPL packages? Spending a lot of money and time on IPL or laser without seeing permanent hair removal results?

Going through your purchased IPL shots and packages without results, only to be told later after treatment failure: “That your skin and hair type is not suitable for IPL”?

Tired of cramped treatment rooms with part-time technicians giving you unreliable and inattentive service?

We were fed up with all this too - that's how HairFree SG was born.

HairFree SG is a space for customers to get the permanent results they want with honest and knowledgeable support and answers throughout their treatment plan.

Electrolysis is the gold standard of hair removal.

Once an area has been treated, hairs are gone for good. Forever.

Why is electrolysis is a better choice (compared to IPL or laser hair removal)?

1. Electrolysis hair removal is permanent, while laser and IPL can generally decrease the hair amount (often temporarily).

2. Sensible price: compared to spending on laser sessions, unlimited IPL memberships and ongoing IPL touch-ups for life - electrolysis is cheaper and more cost effective. Invest in yourself with proven electrolysis results and be confident and empowered! Plus spend once and be done with the hair for good.

3. Unlike IPL, Electrolysis is suitable for every skin type and hair color.

4. Electrolysis is a safe and effective treatment for facial hair (eyebrows, sideburns, chin) and poses no risk for the eyes.

5. IPL has the chance of stimulating hair growth in up to 10% of customers. Electrolysis does not have this potential risk. 

With our Electrologist trained in California, you’re in hands of a professional in order to get great results.

Book a consultation online now or give us a call or message at 9653-5751.

No maintenance of treated area after electrolysis treatment plan is completed.

A little more about IPL and Laser hair removal:

In Singapore IPL, AFT, SHR hair removal is marketed by beauty salons. 

Laser hair removal is restricted to medical doctors as the light is stronger and penetrates deeper into the skin (with more potential risks if not done by a professional).

At best IPL, SHR, AFT or laser will reduce or slow down hair growth.

At worst they do nothing and it's a waste of time and money.

Even more worrisome is that up to 10% of IPL, SHR, AFT customers can experience more hair growth after their treatment! The light treatments can cause follicles to convert from peach fuzz to full grown darker hairs. Customers are left with more hair than they had before.

There are several reasons why IPL, SHR, AFT or other light treatments don't work.

- The light wavelength must penetrate deep enough into the skin and follicle. Many "beauty hair removal" machines do not have a laser light that goes deep enough (several mm) through the skin to kill the root. Instead they just sizzle the hair and it burns off and regrows again from the root.

- The light energy must be hot enough to destroy the hair root. This is at leasy 65 degrees and will be "hot". Only medical grade lasers will reach this temperature and the doctor or technician must make sure to be using a heat setting is effective, while not burning the skin!

- The light treatment only works on skin and hair that contrast in colour. Such as light skin and thick coarse hairs. The light needs the contrast to ONLY target the hair and not burn the skin. Many customers with peach fuzz, darker skin and hair, or with lighter hair (grey, blonde) cannot get laser or IPL treatments.

Electrolysis is the only Permanent Hair Removal (100%) method.

Come to HairFree SG for a free consultation to learn about Electrolysis permanent hair removal service provided by our certified Electrologists.


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