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Plucking and Tweezing are bad for your skin

Holy pluck! You see a giant unsightly black hair growing from the middle of your chin and can't resist grabbing the tweezers and yanking that bad boy out as fast as possible.

Ladies, we have all been there. Aging, hormones, stress, genetics and medications causes us to grow hairs in places we don't want them. Chin hairs, belly hairs, nipple hairs, upper lip hairs and anywhere else on the body these baddies can grow!

Please stop and call (or WhatsApp us) before you tweeze. Plucking hairs out does more harm for your skin and hairs and we are here to help you with a permanent solution.

Skin damage caused by repeated plucking and tweezing

For many people, tweezing and plucking are part of their beauty routine to control excess and unwanted facial hair. Long-term and repeated tweezing and plucking lead to faster regrowth of most hairs, as well as making them darker, coarser, and more firmly rooted. Tweezing and plucking stimulate the growth of additional blood capillaries around the hair follicles, increasing the thickness and strength of the regrowing hair. This can also darken the hair and raise the risk of follicle irritations and infections, which can result in pitting and scarring.

Plucking, tweezing, and waxing can cause breakouts on or between your eyebrows. Manipulating the hair follicles can lead to folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicle. In some cases, plucking and tweezing can cause acne to flare up as the skin surrounding the hair follicles becomes more inflamed.

Over time, regular and excessive plucking can scar and irritate the delicate skin of the face, affecting not only the skin surface but also the underlying layers and the follicles.

Therefore, tweezing actually exacerbates hair problems rather than solving them.

Instead, consider visiting HairFreeSG, our Award-Winning Electrolysis Studio in Singapore, to permanently eliminate your unwanted facial hair!

Electrolysis provides a safe and permanent hair removal solution for all skin tones. It is the only hair removal treatment approved by the US FDA for permanent results.


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