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Top 4 Places In Singapore for the Best & Permanent Hair Removal Services for Expats

Singapore Expat Permanent Hair Removal Studios.

As part of Expat Living's Readers' Choice Awards 2023, more than 25,000 participants voted for their favourite products and services across almost 140 categories, including the best hair removal services in Singapore.

The winners in the Best Hair Removal category were:

GOLD — Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

SILVER — STRIP, Ministry of Waxing

BRONZE — EstheClinic


HairFreeSG is the leading boutique electrolysis studio in Singapore, specializing in Electrolysis epilation for permanent hair removal. With two outlets, we take pride in helping hundreds of customers, including women with PCOS and hirsutism, effectively eliminating unwanted facial and body hair permanently.

Additionally, we offer assistance to customers who have undergone IPL and Laser-based hair removal treatments, providing post-laser clean up services.

Since our establishment in 2020, we have received fantastic customer satisfaction reviews. We are grateful to our customers and Expat Living for recognizing our dedication to ensure customer satisfaction.

Visit for consultation to start your journey to being Hair-Free!


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